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Brazil Chocolate Bliss

Brazil Chocolate Bliss

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TASTING NOTES Milk Chocolate | Granola | Candied Nuts

This exceptional Brazilian coffee epitomizes the timeless charm of a comforting brew! Its natural processing method yields a cup that's both sweet and velvety, and the unique Brazilian terroir imparts an unmistakable richness, dominated by chocolatey notes.

Elevating the essence of your beloved classic coffee, this brew promises the delightful flavors of Milk Chocolate, Granola, and Candied Nuts.

Regardless of your chosen brewing method, this coffee consistently delivers excellence, with batch brews and espresso bringing out its true brilliance.

Our coffees do not contain natural or artificial flavorings. The listed tasting notes are the flavors the coffee naturally gives off. Our proprietary roasting methods help to enhance these flavors and the coffee’s natural sweetness.

THE OMEGA PROMISE: Love every cup or your money back!

Origin: Brazil
Region: Cerrado
Producer: Various Smallholders
Processing: Natural
Variety: Blend
Elevation: 900 - 1250
For best results please allow 4 days of off gassing after roast date before consumption



Brew Device: Orea V3

18g of medium coffee (3.3 on Fellow Ode V2 / 4.5 on Fellow Opus)

300g of water heated to 205° 



1. Rinse filter with hot water

2. Discard rinse water

3. Add 18g of coffee

4. 0:00 Spiral Pour 60g of water to bloom coffee and swirl coffee bed

5. 0:30 Center Pour 80g of water

6. 1:00 Spiral Pour 80g of water

7. 1:30 Spiral Pour 80g of water

Goal Finish Time: Between 2:20 - 2:25



1:2.5 Ratio / 18g ground coffee in 45g liquid espresso out

35-38 second shot time including a 7 second pre-infusion

205° water temperature

For best results combine this espresso shot with at least 2oz of your preferred milk. Increased amounts of milk will tame the espresso acidity and yield a richer and silkier beverage. 


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