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Ecuador Rum Barrel

Ecuador Rum Barrel

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TASTING NOTES Raspberry | Red Wine | Dried Mango | Vanilla

This Ecuadorian coffee marks a historic moment for Omega. It stands out as one of the greatest coffees we have ever offered as well as the first coffee we have ever offered from Ecuador. We first tasted this coffee from another roaster 2 years ago. We then tasted it again last year and it was solidified in our minds that we had to source this coffee for Omega. We began the process last April of meeting the team at Hacienda La Papaya, and applying to be invited into the program to source this coffee. Fast forward 10 months later and we are ready to present to you a freshly harvested lot of Ecuador Rum Barrel. 

Juan Peña and his team have crafted something absolutely exceptional with this coffee. It underwent a 120hr anaerobic fermentation inside of a 20+ year old Ecuadorian Rum Barrel. This unique process takes a coffee that is already very fruity, complex, and sweet, and elevates it to another level entirely. The processing method brings out a heavy richness as well as an under tone of Red Wine. The Raspberry note that the coffee naturally has is further enhanced and sweetened by the rum barrel processing. In the background there are complex notes of Dried Mango and Vanilla that become prevalent as the cup cools. 

Ecuador Rum Barrel is a true passion project for Trey as it has become one of his very favorite coffees over the years. We are honored to offer this coffee to you hope you enjoy every sip of it. This coffee is best brewed as a filter offering and is not recommended for espresso. It is extracts very easily so it is recommended to grind on the coarser end for your particular brewing method or follow our brew method with your choice of brewer.  

Our coffees do not contain natural or artificial flavorings. The listed tasting notes are the flavors the coffee naturally gives off. Our proprietary roasting methods help to enhance these flavors and the coffee’s natural sweetness.

THE OMEGA PROMISE: Love every cup or your money back!

Origin: Ecuador
Region: Lojo
Producer: Hacienda La Papaya
Processing: Rum Barrel Anaerobic
Variety: Typica
Elevation: 1900 - 2100

For best results please allow 5 days of off gassing after roast date before consumption



Brew Device: Orea V3

18g of medium coffee (3.3 on Fellow Ode V2 / 475 microns)

300g of water heated to 205° 



1. Rinse filter with hot water

2. Discard rinse water

3. Add 18g of coffee

4. 0:00 Spiral Pour 60g of water to bloom coffee and swirl coffee bed

5. 0:30 Center Pour 80g of water

6. 1:00 Center Pour 80g of water

7. 1:30 Spiral Pour 80g of water 

Goal Finish Time: Between 2:20



This coffee is not recommended for Espresso. 

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